Debating the Atheist – A Lesson in Hopelessness

As a Christian and a law enforcement officer for 31-years and having debated and policed the secularist, atheist, moral relativist, evolutionist, nihilist, ad nauseam, I’ve come to some irrefutable conclusions…

1) An overwhelming number of these individuals are members of the LGBTQ community and are completely obsessed with their sexual genitalia and aberrant passions to the exclusion of reason, logic, natural law, health, patriotism, family, friends, Truth and most importantly, Jesus Christ-Yeshua as Lord.

2) An overwhelming number of these individuals entered into an aberrant lifestyle through persuasive instruction in evolutionary theory in their childhood. There is no doubt that Darwinian Evolution, forced into the mind of our youth, is a precursor to atheism, homosexuality-lesbianism, secularism, socialism, moral relativism, nihilism, addiction, hopelessness, suicide. Having studied this sociological phenomenon and policed it for 31-years, I believe the infusion of Darwin’s nonsense into the classrooms in the 1960’s was a Progressive-Socialist strategy to morph America from a Christian-oriented society into a secular-atheistic society thereby readying the hearts and minds of America’s youth for socialism-globalism. It is America’s Millennial Generation that has succumbed to the full force of the Progressive-Socialist strategy.

3) An overwhelming number of these individuals hate Christianity for its positioning on homosexuality-lesbianism and they fervently hate Christianity as a conservative, patriotic, pro-life advocacy group. Through incremental-meticulous  brainwashing via the fake news media, Hollywood, social media, Christianity has been demonized and is now perceived by Progressives as the greatest threat to America’s progressive ideology of enlightenment i.e. a demonic and completely dysfunctional form of government and sociological ideology.

4) An overwhelming number of these individuals are pro-choice, pro-abortion, having no conscience concerning the mutilation of babies in the womb up to the ninth-month and beyond nor is there any concern for the mutilated child’s right to due process as per the 5th and 14th-Amendments to the United States Constitution. Some Millennial’s cite homosexuality-lesbianism and abortion as reasonable remedies to perceived over-population concerns.

5) An overwhelming number of these individuals are pro-socialism-Marxism as a result of having experienced progressive-socialist teachers-professors in high school and in the university. The Millennial Generation is deceived into thinking that “Democratic Socialism” is “Socialism with a conscience” completely void the knowledge that socialism has led to 100-million deaths in the previous 100-years.

6) An overwhelming number of these individuals, beginning with the Millennial Generation backwards, will be the primary causation for America’s impending demise in Progressive-Socialism, immorality, confusion, hopelessness as a result of America’s shedding of innocent blood via abortion and rampant sexual perversion that have elicited the wrath of God on the American people and the United States as a Constitutional Republic sustained by the rule of law.

I do believe America’s impending demise has eschatological underpinnings and ironically it is the modern-day, radicalized Atheist that will be the catalyst in furthering our Creator’s Plan for the coming Day of the Lord. Our God truly does work in mysterious ways.

Rickey D. Holtsclaw

The Atheist is “without excuse” in the Judgment for they intuitively know that our Creator exists…

jesus - romans 1 18-32 better copy

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