Mystery of Insanity – The Progressive-Socialist-Democrat

Having policed this suffering society for 31-years, I’ve never understood how a man or woman possessing even a modicum of common decency, wisdom, logic, patriotism, discernment, can support a Political Party i.e. Progressive-Socialist-Democrats that represent flagrant racism; bigotry; misogyny; hate; anti-American/anti-Israel/anti-Christian/pro-Islamic initiatives including…

1) The mutilation of babies in the womb up to the ninth-month thereby denying these innocent children their 5th/14th-Amendment due process protections. Some 61-million babies murdered thus far subsequent to Roe v. Wade (1973). Anyone who votes for a Progressive-Socialist-Democrat has the blood of innocent, slaughtered, babies via abortion on their hands and their culpability will be Judged in Eternity before our Holy, Just, Righteous, Creator, Jesus Christ-Yeshua!

2) Sexual perversion that is destroying America’s posterity in confusion, disease, addiction, mental illness, incredible rates of suicide, hopelessness.

3) Socialism that is destroying America’s Constitutional Republic and Capitalist economic success. Socialism that is responsible for 100-million deaths in the last 100-years.

4) Open Border initiatives which are destroying America’s sovereignty through non-assimilating multiculturalism, disease, murder of American citizens by illegal aliens, economic deprivation – employment scarcity for American low-wage earners; destruction to America’s schools through overpopulation/lowered academic accessibility and incredible burdens shouldered by school administrations and teachers with insufficient wages/compensation.

5) Repeal of the 2nd-Amendment and restrictions on the 1st-Amendment creating a society easily subjected to a tyrannical-socialist government.

6) Destruction of America’s municipalities through Politically Correct policies that are destroying the middle-class and creating epidemic levels of homelessness, addiction, disease, murder, poverty, hopelessness.

7) Destruction of the family unit through abortion; gender confusion forced upon America’s youth; the celebration of sexual perversion insisting the reality of over 100-genders…suicide, absent fathers, welfare dependent mothers, illiterate children.

8) Castration of America’s law enforcement community by Progressive-Socialist-Democrat municipal and state administrations exploiting the Ferguson Effect and demonizing our police, thwarting all forms of proactive policing, while our inner-cities suffer unconscionable crime rates, murder rates and the law-abiding citizenry cowers in fear. Mothers using bathtubs as beds for their children due to stray gunfire killing the innocent in urban gang wars and drug wars. An epidemic of addiction, overdose deaths, violent gang wars, trash, rats, human feces-urine polluting our streets, the resurgence of diseases from antiquity while pompous, arrogant, mindless, Democrat mayors, governors, live in their gated, posh, safe, communities.

Progressive Socialism is death to America and the Progressive-Socialist-Democrat is the epitome of a traitor to America and the icon of hypocrites.

Rickey D. Holtsclaw

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