In the Beginning God – Why?

Why was mankind created? What is the reason for our vast Universe? What is the purpose of this life constrained by Time? Please allow me to offer a relevant possibility using an overview of Scripture.

by Rickey D. Holtsclaw
Question posited on Facebook…
“What do you think about Satan walking away, or really, choosing to rebel and then separated from God? Do you think there’s a scriptural difference in that particular area between man and angel?”

That is a great question Chris and the answer can only be found in the relationship and parameters of the relationship between our Creator and the Angelic realm.

Is there a special dispensation there? Is the relationship between our Heavenly Father and the Angels different than that between our Father and mankind? I don’t recall any specific Scriptures providing details on this interesting subject; therefore, I’m unable to answer. I will say this…and this is my opinion considering the collective hints that Scripture does provide…it appears that the relationship between our Father and the Angels was of such beauty and so very special that incredible measures were taken by our Lord to ensure the genuineness and continuation of the Heavenly relationship. Let me explain as briefly as possible.

Before we begin our journey, let’s consider the following…

Elohim, our Lord, through the Patriarchy of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (later named Israel) established a people of His own choosing known initially as the Twelve-Tribes of Israel and it is through the Jewish People that God has made His Covenants with Mankind.  It is through the Jewish People that our Lord clothed Himself in flesh and entered into the World to pay a sin debt that Mankind could not pay. It is through the Jewish People that our Lord has established a New Covenant of Grace thereby offering the Gift of Salvation to all people, Jew and Gentile. Our Lord is also using the Jewish People, the State of Israel, as his Eschatological Time Clock or Prophetic Time Clock – if we desire to know where our Lord is at any particular point in History, the Lord tells us to “watch My People.”  The most recent and mind boggling Eschatological event was the reestablishment of the Nation of Israel in 1948…a direct response to the murder of six-million Jews in the Holocaust. It is Israel that will be the focal point in the coming Apocalypse and Scripture points to Nuclear War as the primary choice of weaponry used by the Nations involved in this cataclysmic event.

Ask yourself, why has Israel, the Jewish People, been the subject of such hatred and murder, planned extinction, throughout their history?  Who has an interest in seeing the Jewish People eradicated? Why?

Ask yourself, why has the Christian been so hated throughout their history and why has the Christian/Jewish God become so hated throughout the World of Islam?  Some 90,000 Christians were martyred in 2016.

Ask yourself, why has the Nation of Islam become a reality – who is the god Allah and who is Mohammad – why is their primary agenda the death of the Jew and the Christian?

Ask yourself, from where does this struggle between these belief systems originate?  Who is directing the intentions of the Nation of Islam in its fervor to destroy Israel and America and why?

Ask yourself, why is the tiny Nation of Israel the focal point of the entire Earth?

Jesus - Israel given to abraham

Jesus - I will bless those who bless you

Jesus - Isaac son of promise only


Jesus - ishmael
The Birth of Israel’s Enemies – Ishmael/his descendants – Islam. Ishmael is the offspring of Abraham and Hagar (Hagar is the servant maid of Sarah, Abraham’s Wife)


Jesus - Ezekiel regathering

Jesus - earth destroyed by fire

Jesus - nuclear war in Zechariah


christians murdered

islam cult

Israels enemies


Our Discussion…

Apparently, when Lucifer opted to covet the Lord’s Sovereignty, thereby introducing sin into the Angelic realm, our Lord was put into somewhat of a quandary relevant to dealing with the rebellious Angel. As you probably know, “relationship” is paramount with our God; for some reason, our Creator truly desires a personal, loving, relationship with His creation. In order for that relationship to be authentic, our Lord provided us with “volition,” or the ability to choose or reject that relationship; otherwise, there is no true and honest love if one is unable to “choose,” because void volition love is robotic and therefore not genuine.

Jesus - sin of lucifer


Our Lord does not desire a relationship with robots but only a pure and honest, intimate, authentic relationship is acceptable. It is the necessity of “volitional love” that I believe lies at the root of God’s decision to create Time, the Earth, mankind and Hell. Let me explain…


Jesus - one-third of angels followed lucifer
This is our Scriptural indicator that one-third of the Angles followed Lucifer (the dragon) in the rebellion. “The woman” has been interpreted as the Nation of Israel/Mary the Mother of Jesus and the actions of King Herod who ordered the death of all of the firstborn in a futile attempt to murder the Messiah, the King of Israel – Yeshua/Jesus Christ, see the 2nd Chapter of Matthew for details.

Jesus - satan angels thrown to earth

Jesus - I watched satan fall

When Lucifer (the Dragon) rebelled against God, Scripture tells us that one-third of the Angelic realm agreed to rebel with Lucifer thus two-thirds of the Angelic realm remained faithful – now the Eternal conundrum – how does our Lord deal with this mutiny in the Heavenly realm and maintain a loving relationship with the faithful two-thirds of the Angels remaining? What are the options available?

1) Destroy Lucifer and the rebellious Angels?

2) Allow sin to manifest in the Angelic Kingdom thus permitting sin to inevitably destroy the entire Heavenly realm?

3) Initiate a plan to deal with the rebellious Angel and the Heavenly Hosts who support Lucifer?

The first two options were not feasible for if our Lord opted to simply destroy Lucifer and the rebellious Angels the remaining faithful Angels would no longer love their God out of “volition,” but their love would be in response to fear. Fear in a relationship is not “love” but coercion and thus robotic and unacceptable.

Permitting sin to remain in the Heavenly Realm is likened to leaven in flour, the sin will naturally permeate the entire Realm and destroy our Lord’s relationship with the remaining two-thirds of the faithful Angels.

Jesus - leavened bread sin

It is here, in my opinion, that we find the reasoning for the Six-Days of Creation as Authored by our Lord in the Book of Beginnings titled “The Genesis.” Our Lord opted to create the realm of Time, Earth, mankind in His spiritual image. Our Lord placed Lucifer on the Earth and permitted Mankind to confront the option of loving God or loving Lust/Sensuality and Mankind naturally chose selfishness and sensuality thus the initiation of the Great Mystery that the Heavenly Angles have watched with amazement for six-thousand-years as their Creator has dealt with the rebellious Angel now known as Satan, the Deceiver.  Additionally, our Lord is dealing with the Demonic host of Angels who fight for and support Satan while the loyal, faithful, Heavenly Angels have watched their Creator empathize and actually love the defiled, rebellious, created beings known as Mankind.

Jesus - angels desire to look into

All that our Lord has done through history has been for one specific purpose; that is, to defeat Lucifer/Satan by LOVE – a great Cosmic Struggle between Good and Evil in which Mankind plays a vital and strategic role. Our Creator loves His creation and so covets His personal relationship with His creation that in order to defeat Lucifer and maintain the volitional love of His creation our God opted to clothe Himself in flesh and walk to the Crucifixion and suffer and die for nothing but “RELATIONSHIP.” Creation was so horrified by the suffering and death of the Creator that the Earth vomited in its repulsiveness and even the Sun went dark at the sight of the Unfathomable.

Jesus - cruifixon - sun stopped shining

Through our Lord’s sacrifice, He defeated Satan, not by anger or retaliation, but by pure LOVE. The Scriptures tell us that the Angels remaining in Heaven are mystified by what our God has done in suffering and dying for His creation and setting forth a dispensation of “Grace” thus permitting Mankind to inherit the benefits of the Kingdom of God through “faith” in what He did at the Crucifixion.

Our God has even provided an assurance/Guarantee of this “covenant” by infusing the Holy Spirit into every man, woman, child, who is willing to confess with their mouth that Jesus Christ/Yeshua is God and honestly believe in their heart that Jesus arose from the dead for their justification…thus establishing a loving, honest, relationship with God for Eternity.

Jesus - gift of Holy Spirit

Jesus - gift of Holy Spirit 2

Jesus - Confess with your mouth believe in your heart

Our God, by instituting this Covenant of Grace through His own perfect, sinless, blood, successfully defeated Satan, the Evil One who rebelled and brought destruction not only in the Heavenly Realm but also upon the Earth. At the culmination of “time,” the faithful Angels in Heaven and all of Mankind that has been redeemed throughout the ages will agree with God that Satan and the rebellious demons MUST BE DESTROYED for they are the architects of thousands of years of death, misery, disease, suffering; not only will all of God’s redeemed agree that Satan must be destroyed, but there will be a celebration in response to Satan’s ultimate demise…thus the victory of our Lord over Satan by PERFECT LOVE.

Jesus - satan cast into Hell

Jesus - satans descriptors in NT

Jesus - satans judgments

Our atmosphere, abhors a vacuum. I believe that the absence of the one-third of the Angelic realm, the demonic, that followed Lucifer in the rebellion created a void, a vacuum in the Heavenly Realm. I also believe that there is a fixed number relevant to those Angels that rebelled. When that same number of the redeemed of mankind is ultimately reached to fill that void the end of the Age of Grace will manifest. The redeemed of mankind does NOT become Angelic in form, but we will be the servants of God in a body created in the likeness of the resurrected Body of Messiah and have specific responsibilities in the Heavenly Realm.

Jesus - see jesus just as he is

Jesus - divine nature heavenly body

I hope this explanation at least partially answers your question and I would enjoy hearing your opinion in response.

Thanks Chris,

Rickey D. Holtsclaw

christ v. satan right handed

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