Loud Biker Brotherhood? A Gang of Thugs in Leather…

What kind of “brotherhood” congregates around illegally equipped, illegally LOUD, motorcycles that emit in multiples (logarithmic) the legal, safe, respectable, compliant, 80dB(A) as restricted by the US EPA via the quiet factory-installed muffler then proceeds out onto a public roadway and uses that illegal, dangerously intrusive, noise while dressed like thugs in leather to audibly abuse children, the elderly, our handicapped, our families, destroy the daily quality of life of millions; this, with intent motivated by narcissism, hedonism, selfishness, arrogance, thuggery?

This is not representative of “men” of honor but “thugs” of disgrace, a mentality of gang terrorism; this, while America’s pathetically WOKE law enforcement community does absolutely NOTHING to arrest these noise abusive thugs and impound the offending vehicles.

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