Why did Elohim give Israel’s children the Ten-Commandments? Sinai v. Golgotha…

Why did Elohim give Moses/Israel’s children the Sinai Commandments?

Elohim gave Israel’s children the Decalogue etched in stone because He had sanctified them, set them apart, for His eschatological purposes concerning restoring order to His Kingdom by destroying the works of the Devil through Messiah via the Gospel (1 John 3:8b), a Gospel ordained “before Time began” (2 Timothy 1:8-10); Messiah who would enter Time via the Tribe of Judah; therefore, Elohim’s concerns relevant to the holiness and sanctification of the Tribes was in response to the paganism that inundated Jacob’s children and servitude to pagan gods practiced by pagan tribes inundating the lands traversed by the Hebrew Tribes; paganism that would have drawn the Hebrew Tribes from Elohim and into the hands of Satan; therefore, the Decalogue specifically addresses behaviors concerning Israel’s relationship with Elohim (1-4) and their relationship among themselves and their fellowman (5-10)…those interpersonal behaviors regularly defiled by the pagans among them; pagan behavior Elohim interpreted as most unconscionable and destructive.

Same Law – Different Format (Sinai/written code v. Spiritual Law)

The Decalogue/Sinai’s written code is NOTHING new or novel but much like the Code of Hammurabi, the Decalogue given at Sinai through Moses simply codified the Spiritual Law (Romans 2:14-15) that is written upon the heart of humanity at conception; a Spiritual Law that was infused within the human genome on Day-6 by Elohim as He created human kind in His spiritual image having imparted certain divine communicable attributes into the human genome for His eschatological purposes going forward; specifically, as a bulwark against unrestrained narcissism that would inevitably result in societal extinction; a Spiritual Law infused into human kind that is the same law that has governed the free will of the angels subsequent their creation in Eternity and currently judges the thoughts and intent of the heart of mankind via a “conscience.”

It is this same Spiritual Law that judged Satan of covetousness and under girded his extrication from the Kingdom (Luke 10:18); it is that same Spiritual Law that judged both the Adamic and Noahic generations of unconscionable defilement where all but eight perished in water subsequent Elohim’s judgment of death; it is that same Spiritual Law that under girded the Code of Hammurabi, the Sinai Decalogue, as well as the Law used by the indwelling Holy Spirit to produce fruits of righteousness (Galatians 5) within the redeemed in Jesus via a New Covenant established in the blood of Messiah at Golgotha (Matthew 26:28; Galatians 5:16).

Sinai v. Golgotha

Israelite’s, Jews, certain sects, cults, religions, will insist that Sinai’s Commandments are the Holy Law, the Eternal Law, but the truth is, the Holy Law, the Eternal Law, is the Spiritual Law written upon our heart at conception and enlivened by the Holy Spirit in the New Covenant, an Eternal Law that was in place governing behavior an eternity before Sinai and that same Spiritual Law will be relevant in Eternity, the New Jerusalem, as free will remains extant in Eternity as well; this by necessity concerning love and intimacy with our Creator.

Choose whom you will serve,

Israel worships at Mount Sinai in futility via self-righteousness (Romans 10); Christianity worships at the Mount of Golgotha by faith and in this Holy Place there is life eternal. (John 14:6).

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