Engaging the Atheist is Engaging the Demonic, be forewarned…

Those who engage the Atheist…you’re engaging the demonic, be forewarned…

Atheism does not exist in reality and anyone who suggests they’re an “atheist” is a deceiver and the truth is not in them.

Anyone possessing at least a modicum of cognitive acuity sufficient to discern the supernatural World around them will come to the conclusion that unfathomable design, beyond human comprehension, is in-play and therefore an omnipotent Designer is mandated and Creation is for cause, not happen-chance. 

These obfuscating, morally compromised, men and women may not know the Designer’s Name or His eschatological purposes for having created Time, this Universe, our Earth and the complex human genome but they know that with which they interact daily is not present by happen-chance nor did these things find their genesis in the goo to the zoo to you.

Atheism’s prevalence in the World today?

The most successful progenitor of Atheism employed by Satan is the infusion of “Darwinian Evolutionary Theory” into the educational system masquerading as a “biological science.” Evolutionary Theory is the foundation for Progressivism-Communism-Mass Confusion in Group Think-Diversity-Equity-Sexual, Gender, confusion and unconscionable, unsustainable, perversion of the human mind. Darwin’s idiocy in the educational system directly attacks the Genesis Creation Narrative and instills doubt in the pliable minds of youth. If my Lord tarries, Evolutionary “Theory” will be seen and accurately interpreted by honest historians as the deadliest progenitor of Atheism, Secular Humanism, ever employed by the enemy of mankind’s soul, Satan. 


Atheism is moral obfuscation; this, generally relevant to a life lived in sexual perversion, addiction, moral compromise via obfuscation-rationalization, rejection, of the natural law of conscience (Romans 2:14-15). When a man or woman seeks to deceive you by professing atheism as their ideological perspective, framework and motive in life, walk away…that vessel belongs to Satan, it is void substantive truth and the conversation will proceed only to glorify Satan’s agenda…extreme caution if you engage, eschew evil that crouches at the door of Atheistic deception.

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