Every Homosexual-Lesbian intuitively knows their behavior is Immoral, how?

“Natural Law” or “Moral Law of Conscience” is that law that has been extant as an arbiter of free will from the creation of the angels forward. It is this law that judged Satan of covetousness; this same law judged the Adamic and Noahic generations of sexual, moral, defilement where all but eight were destroyed by water in judgment. The natural law, moral law of conscience, was infused within human kind on the 6th-Day of Creation by Elohim who created human kind in His spiritual image thereby imparting certain communicable attributes to humanity (Genesis 1:26-28).

The natural law was infused within humanity for,

1) A bulwark to prevent societal implosion via unrestrained narcissism.

2) Eschatological purposes concerning our Creator’s plan for Time and Eternity.

3) An adjudicatory standard by which due process would be observed at the Judgment of the Condemned manifesting subsequent Messiah’s Millennial Reign (Revelation 20:10-15).

The Natural Law – Moral Law of Conscience provided the foundation for the Code of Hammurabi and the Decalogue given at Sinai.

You intuitively know good from evil, right from wrong. You intuitively know that licking on another woman’s vulva is perversion and a man’s penis does not belong in the rectum of another man…the deeper recesses of your conscience bear witness to this and you are culpable before the Father and will stand in judgment for your sin lest you repent and trust fully in Jesus Christ as Mediator for your sin by faith in Him as your Lord believing that Jesus died for you (John 3).

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