“Pride” Month is SHAME Month in America – a mental illness on display…

The United States has become a bastion of demons seeking every form of immoral behavior that not only brings shame to our Founding and our Founder’s intent for America, but our Nation actually celebrates the mutilation of babies in the womb; LGBTQ sexually perverse mental illness; gender confusion; the death and hopelessness of Marxism; worships at the throne of the Climate Cult while lacking the ability to define what a woman is, what a man actually is.

This incredible insanity is wholly endorsed and promulgated by the demonic Democrat Party in the United States; therefore, it is past time to repeal the Mental Health Act of 1963 and reopen state-run insane asylums that were inadvertently shuttered via the failed policies of community based mental health facilities. If insane asylums were to be re-opened and staffed sufficiently, there is no doubt that one-half to two-thirds of the Democrat-Progressive Party, its leadership and constituency, would be comfortably interned therein and no longer allowed access to a society seeking morality and common decency and sustainability. Progressivism-Marxism-the Democrat Party is complete lunacy and defines mental illness. Enough!

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