DebateIsland – a debate forum inundated by demons…

As a Christian – Conservative; Husband and father of three beautiful children and a handsome grandson; former Marine Infantryman (NCO-0311); retired Law Enforcement Officer; it is heart-breaking to see the filth and perversion and deception via Marxism-Darwinism-Progressivism-Socialism-LGBTQ perversion that inundates “DebateIsland”…in this cesspool of demonic deception I find the most vile of sexual perversion, the deadly demons of Marxism, the deception of Darwinism-Atheism-Secular Humanism represented in overwhelming numbers…this forum is truly the Devil’s representative and tragically representative of what America has become subsequent to 100-years of Dewey-Marx’-Lenin’-Darwin’s influence. I am sickened. Void another civil war to once again take custody of the demons in the Democrat Party and once again restructure that Party of Demons into some semblance of sustainability, America will surely die in atheistic-Marxist-LGBTQ insanity.

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