Considering all of the Planets in the Universe, why did God allow Satan to influence Earth with evil?

Question asked on FB: Of all the planets out there in the Universe, why did God allow Satan to come here and influence humanity to compromise with evil?

Christian response,

The Earth was created specifically for and because of Satan in response to Satan’s rebellion in the Kingdom where nothing impure is permitted to exist (Revelation 21:27). In preparation for removing Satan from the Kingdom, God the Father commissioned the Son, Jesus Christ (John 3:35; Colossians 1; John 1; Hebrews 1) to take elements from the unseen Spiritual Realm and fashion those elements into matter that can be apprehended by life constrained by Time and physics (Hebrews 11:3). Jesus created the Heavens and the Earth for cause with rapidity. This creation narrative is articulated in Genesis 1 with “yom” representing a literal 24-hour day.

Long story short, Satan was extricated from the Kingdom (Luke 10:18) and placed here upon this Earth to be dealt with by the Son, Jesus Christ, at Golgotha (1 John 3:8b), a battle which was first prophesied in Genesis 3:15 and the battle strategy used by Jesus pictured first in Genesis 3:21… fulfilled 4000 years later at the Crucifixion. All of those other planets out there testify of our God’s reality, authority, dominion, so that those who reject God will be “without excuse” at Judgment (Romans 1:18-32).

If not for Satan’s rebellion, there would be no Heaven and Earth and mankind. God was perfectly content with His relationship with the beautiful Angels; that is, until His chief cherub angel coveted God’s dominion and authority and sin was found in him (Ezekiel 28:11-19). We are in the midst of an unfathomable cosmic, spiritual, war that engulfs us yet so few are able to see and fewer still ally with God, Jesus Christ our Warrior, who has already won the victory for us (Exodus 15:3; Revelation 17:14).

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