Loud Motor Vehicles today is yesterday’s “Broken Windows Theory”

Today’s LOUD MOTOR VEHICLE CULT[URE] is yesterday’s “Broken Windows Theory” indicating a society that is consumed by narcissism, arrogance, selfishness, disrespect, hedonism, negligence, a lack of discipline, thuggery. I have traveled the United States over the last four-months from Texas to Washington to Florida (thus far) and the Loud Biker – the Loud Auto and Truck bullies inundate every State, every County, every Municipality along the way and NOTHING is done to stop the arrogant bullies from abusing societies most innocent and destroying our daily quality of life. I cannot publish what should should be done to STOP the bullies of the LOUD Vehicle Cult[ure] in our communities but these narcissists are just one sign, one indicator, that American society has lost its way and American Law Enforcement is as useless and impotent as the titties on a boar hog.

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