Florida – LOUD Motor Vehicle Abuse is RAMPANT

The Saint Augustine, PD; Mayor Upchurch; State Police Commissioner Swearingen; Governor DeSantis, should all be ashamed and embarrassed for allowing the narcissistic thugs of the illegally LOUD Motorcycle – Auto – Truck Cult[ure] to audibly abuse and bully the citizens of Florida. I am currently sitting in an RV parked next to SH-1 in St. Augustine, Fl, a Walmart parking lot, and of the many thousands of miles I’ve travelled across the United States…of the many municipalities, counties, States, I have visited, from Texas to Washington, to Florida and all of those in between…Florida is the ABSOLUTE worst State for LOUD motor vehicle abuse and thuggery.

Florida’s law enforcement community is absolutely as useless as the titties on a boar hog…shame on you Governor DeSantis for failing to provide the most basic of governmental responsibilities i.e. protection; shame on you Police Commissioner Swearingen for refusing to intercede on behalf of the innocent Floridian whose daily quality of life is routinely destroyed by the vehicular noise thugs…Florida’s law enforcement community is obviously and sadly impotent. I am personally ashamed of you.

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