Muslim seeks to disparage the Gospels, a response…

Muslim seeking to disparage the Gospels asked: “How many Contradictions in Crucifixion between Matthew, luck [Luke], mark [Mark], John [?]”

Christian response,

They are not contradictions, they are witness statements from various vantage points, times, backgrounds, personal biases; if you’ve ever investigated a crime scene or taken witness statements, you’re aware of the fact that those statements are wholly contingent upon where the witness was, their visibility, their understanding of what was occurring; there are incredible variables that must be considered when listening to and certifying a witness statement.

Many seek to invalidate the Scriptures – Gospels because they are not a mirror image of one another but these are generally atheistic and/or apostate hypocrites seeking to justify their sin; truth is, subsequent to 31-years in law enforcement, I find the witness accounts in the Gospels compelling because they’re NOT mirror images but they’re true accounts of what the witnesses observed and how the Gospel writers interpreted and recorded those observations.

The Holy Spirit does not turn the authors of Scripture into robots but allows their humanity, their worldview, their life experiences, their personality, their biases and prejudices, to flow through the words while accurately recording EXACTLY what God the Father wants His created beings to know; therefore, TRUST HIM! Stop listening to men and sects and cults and religions with an agenda who have no interest in your soul or your eternal destiny. Read and study God’s words with confidence and assurance that the same God who created the Heavens and the Earth and our complex genome has provided you with the EXACT words He desires you have so that you can know Him personally; love Him intimately; live with Him eternally because He first loved you!

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