Questioning the Plan and Purpose of Jesus Christ, a Christian response…

Questioning the Plan and Purpose of Jesus Christ: “A God (John 1:1) killed by men (Matthew 26:3-4) – What’s the meaning of all this?”

Christian response, (I will be succinct and explain only the peripheral for the sake of time)

Our entire creation in Time is the result of a horrific war initiated by a rebellious, covetous, cherub angel in the Kingdom of God before the beginning of Time; in fact, our entire creation is the resultant of this rebellion as God the Father commissioned the Son, Jesus Christ, to create this Earth as a repository for the evil-sin that entered His Kingdom and immediately mandated extrication; therefore, that evil and its Initiator were placed upon this Earth and partially constrained by Time and physics to be dealt with apart from the Kingdom were nothing impure is permitted to exist (Rev. 21:27).

Transpiring all around us (spiritual and physical) is a cosmic war between good v. evil and the Son of God, Jesus Christ, entered Time specifically “to destroy the works of the Devil” (1 John 3:8b) via the Gospel (a battle strategy) that was ordained “before the beginning of Time” (2 Timothy 1:9-10). Elohim made a declaration of war in Genesis 3:15 between the Son of God born of the virgin seed and the Evil One we now know as the Serpent or the Devil or Satan. Elohim’s battle strategy to defeat Satan and sin was first pictured in Genesis 3:21 demonstrating the shedding of innocent blood in order that the sin of Adam and his wife, Eve, could be atoned for, covered by a robe of righteousness, taken from innocent blood and that robe (pictured as animal skins) placed over Adam and Eve to cover their shame and embarrassment; Elohim rejected the fig leaves that Adam and Eve sewed together to cover their shame and sin as our God pointed to the eternal truth that He Himself would be the sacrifice for sin and He Himself would provide mankind forgiveness of sin through selfless love and compassion and grace offered to everyone willing to believe that the Son, Jesus Christ, is God who died for them (John 3:15). Elohim thus declared that the works of man’s hands would never be sufficient to cover his own sin but God Himself would do the work of atonement (Ephesians 2:8-9; Matthew 26:28).

The prophecies established by Elohim in Genesis 3:15 and Genesis 3:21 were ultimately fulfilled by Jesus Christ 4000-years later on Mount Golgotha outside the gates of the Old City, Jerusalem, as the innocent blood of Jesus spilled into the sands below His cross and God the Father pointed to that blood and declared Messiah’s blood as the ONLY acceptable atonement for your sin and my sin as God the Father made His sinless Son to be sin for you and for me so that we could receive Messiah Jesus’ righteousness/perfection (robe of righteousness Gen. 3:21) over our lives and receive the perfection of Jesus to cover and forgive our sin, forever; thereby, being declared “not guilty” by the Father and receive justification for entrance into the Kingdom of God subsequent to the death of our body in Time (2 Corinthians 5:21). You and I are players, participants, in the war between our God and the Evil One and each of us is provided the opportunity to ally with God the Father by grace through faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and find eternal life in His Name – or – we can ally with the Evil One and reject the suffering of Jesus for our sin and ultimately suffer a fate similar to Satan’s in Hell as sin that has not been covered-forgiven by the blood of Messiah will NOT be permitted to enter the Kingdom of God (Revelation 21:27).

In conclusion,

The primary reason God the Father has gone to such great lengths to destroy Satan’s works through God’s own selfless love is due to God’s desire for intimacy and relationship with His created beings. God the Father ensured that volitional love with His angelic creation would be maintained and strengthened through the creation of matter, Time, human kind, as God has demonstrated His selfless love and compassion through the Cross while simultaneously demonstrating the horrors of sin, rebellion, and the necessity for obedience to God’s will in all things. Additionally, the horrors and unconscionable suffering caused by Satan and the fallen angels over the previous 6000-years of human history will act as a bulwark against any future rebellion in God’s Kingdom as individual free will for the occupants of that Kingdom will remain paramount so that relationship and intimacy with God can manifest with purity and authenticity, forever.

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