Muslim claims Jesus denied being God, a response…

Muslim suggests Jesus denied being God: “Jesus not good, “jesus said none is good, save one, that is, God. Luck [Luke]18,19”

Christian response,

Jesus asked the rich young ruler why he was calling Jesus “good teacher” (Luke 18:18) because no one is truly “good” but God. Jesus was not denying His deity but Jesus was asking the young man if he recognized that Jesus is God and believed this as this “belief” would have justified the young man for salvation and their conversation would not have needed to continue concerning the Law and the young man’s failure to keep the Law and ultimately the young man’s rejection of Jesus’ invitation to “follow me.” Far too often, Muslims and Jews use Messiah’s discourse with the rich young ruler to suggest that Jesus denied being God but just the opposite is true; Jesus is validating Himself as God and wanted the young man to confess this and believe this which would have fulfilled the young man’s quest for “eternal life.”

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