Seeking Compromise: Calvinism v. Arminianism v. Molinism

Seeking compromise-cohesiveness-understanding between Calvinism, Arminianism and Molinism: “The question of Calvin or Armin can be understood if you realize God exists both inside and outside time. There are spiritual concepts that are impossible to describe or understand fully.”

Christian perspective,

It is important to realize that God does not pick winners and losers and that free will is paramount among both His angelic and human creation as God’s greatest desire is “relationship-intimacy” and in order for “relationship” to exist with purity and authenticity, the parties involved must possess the volition, the free will, to choose that relationship or reject it and the free will to choose love or hate, good or evil; otherwise, relationship is robotic and impotent, not genuine; robotism is NOT love nor is it God’s design.

Though God is omniscient, it is by His sovereign will that He permits each of us to choose our individual destiny and through His omnipotence, God works through and around our personal decisions in Time to bring His eschatological Plan for Time and Eternity to fruition. If God picked winners and losers, nihilism would define our existence and God’s reason for having created the angels and human kind for relationship would be futile and God would not be defined by His perfect love and compassion nor would Jesus Christ and His suffering have been necessary.

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