Atheist mocks God INRE to Abraham-Isaac “sacrifice” scenario, a response…

Atheist mocks God as a failure for Abraham’s faithfulness concerning Isaac as a sacrifice: “The greatest personal failing in the Bible has to be Abraham almost killing his son, Isaac, because God told him to. Abraham did not think for himself, or question God’s authority. As I read the story, the message is blind faith can have disastrous consequences. What say you?”

Christian response,

Abraham believed God and knew that if Isaac was to be offered that God would raise Isaac from the dead as Isaac is the son of promise through Sarah not Ishmael through Hagar. God provides us the scenario involving Abraham and Isaac for a purpose.

Abraham was commanded to take his only begotten son (John 3:16 as Jesus is the “only begotten Son”) to a mountain (Mt. Moriah which is Mt. Golgotha where Messiah Jesus was crucified) and offer Isaac as a burnt offering unto the Lord. It was a three-day journey for Abraham and in Abraham’s mind his son was essentially dead as Jesus was dead (in body) in the tomb for three-days as the Father observed this horror over that time. Isaac was to carry the wood for his own sacrifice up the mountain just as Jesus carried His cross up Mt. Golgotha.

While Abraham was preparing the foundation upon which he would sacrifice his son, Isaac asked his father concerning the sacrifice that they now had the wood and were prepared to make the offering but Isaac inquired of his father, where is the lamb for the sacrifice and Abraham responded that God Himself would provide the sacrifice…again…God “HIMSELF” (some translations say that God will provide the lamb) would provide the sacrifice, this is eternally relevant.

As Abraham placed his only begotten son upon the altar of sacrifice and prepared to kill his son in obedience to God’s will, an angel of the Lord stopped Abraham and commended him for his great faith and Abraham looked up and in the nearby shrubbery was a ram (not a lamb) that was taken and sacrificed in place of Isaac…(it would be Jesus that is the “Lamb of God” who would come to take away the sins of the World – John 1:29) — study the foundation of the Jewish shofar (rams horn) having originated or having found significance among the Hebrew Tribes from this scenario.

Note: MEME suggests Isaac’s sacrifice was for sin, this is in error, this was a burnt offering as a test of Abraham’s faithfulness.

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