Why so many Christian Denominations?

Question posited on Facebook: “Why are there so many Christian denominations?”

Christian response,

Christian denominations exist because Satan is an incredibly astute military tactician and routinely employs the tactic of “divide and conquer.” Satan has infused narcissism-pride-arrogance-covetousness into what was once a STRONG – UNIFIED body of believers in the First-Century Church and over the years Satan has fractured them into bickering factions of denominations/divisions/religions/sects/cults arguing over worship style, Church architecture, carpet color, music, dress, Gifts, baptism, grace, faith, security, tongues, the Trinity…this is why Christianity in America has quietly allowed godless, atheistic, secular humanistic, communists who murder babies in their mommy’s womb and care nothing for life from the womb to the tomb, who espouse sodomy in our streets and directly attack God and His Marriage Covenant between one-man and one-woman and our posterity who murders themselves in gender confusion orchestrated by Satan himself; this is how a super-majority of communists now occupy our House-Senate-Oval Office. This is why America is dying in the name of Karl Marx. This is why America’s schools are graduating millions upon millions of godless, atheistic secular humanists who hate God, America, our Constitutional Republic and the freedoms our fathers have fought and died for. This is why God has walked away from our apostasy.

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