Why has America the Beautiful become the Land of Marx and Lenin?

How did America the Beautiful become the Land of Marx and Lenin?

Interestingly enough, you will find that the current societal, ideological, political, divide in America has its roots in men like John Dewey (Father of modern education) and Rousseau (1880/1900’s) both of whom were Progressives-Marxists that lit the fire of progressive-socialism in our Nation and targeted America’s educational system. Dewey loathed individualism and insisted that the collective mindset must be taught in the schools throughout America as Dewey envisioned a collective-proletariat citizenry in America’s future. America’s societal elite, hungry for narcissistic power and control, advocated for Progressivism-Socialism-Marxism. This destructive ideology permeated several Presidential administrations, our House/Senate/Scotus while the Soviet KGB/GRU after WWII targeted Hollywood and our education system with Lenin, Marxist ideology (McCarthyism with Director Hoover – Red Scare).

Then, in 1962, the secular humanists/progressives in America’s educational system successfully booted Jesus and the Bible out of schools via Engel v. Vitale (1962) supported by radical atheist, Madalyn Murray O’Hair and immediately infused Darwinian Evolutionary Theory into the Biological Sciences in the classrooms (1963) along with Marx, Lenin, revisionist history into the Humanities and these became a demonic catalyst that eventually and methodically transformed America’s youth from grade schools to graduate schools into God hating, nihilistic-secular humanistic-atheistic-communists and today we have at least two-generations of what Lenin refers to as “useful idiots” of the proletariat e.g. Millennial and Gen-Z men and women and these are flooding the voting booths and the streets in BLM and ANTIFA and Hollywood and our print media and our social media and our Wall Street and our Federal-State-County-Local governments, our school-boards, our teacher’s unions, and these communists are raising children and educating them into Marx, Lenin, Critical Race Theory, anti-American, God-hating communists and this is why our Nation is choking on the blood of murdered human life from the womb to the tomb and our children murder themselves in confusion and hopelessness as they’re unable to differentiate between little boys and little girls nor do they know what bathroom to use.

This is why demonically led Communists are in our Oval Office, a super-majority in our House and Senate and have positions of authority in our SCOTUS, our State Houses as well. We are a society of abortionists, sodomites, atheists, secular humanists, traitors, communists, narcissists, and we’ve no one to blame but our own pathetic cowardliness and unfaithfulness and apostasy. God is angry with everyone of us. Void another Civil War to put the Democrats, once again, in their place and put a check on their demonic desires for power and control, America as we knew it, is done! Communist Democrats in America have sold the United States, our children, our wealth, our Bill of Rights, to the Devil, to the Communist Chinese, to the Globalists, we’ve crossed the tipping-point, it’s now or never. DO NOT SURRENDER YOUR WEAPONS TO THIS COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT!

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