Has the Bible been edited, rewritten?

Atheists mocks the Holy Scriptures: “The Bible has been edited, re-written, and there is more than one version. How can this be the word of a perfect, changeless God?”

Christian response,

The Bible, the autographs, has not been edited or rewritten…”translations” of the Bible have been edited and rewritten for accuracy and style and ease of reading. The original languages are at your fingertips if one desires their truth. Where the atheist fails in their hatred for God and faith and truth via biases is the reality that the same God who created the Heavens and the Earth and our complex genome with rapidity for cause is MORE than capable of ensuring that His human creation receive the EXACT words He desires so that we can know Him personally; love Him intimately; live with Him eternally. My, the faith of the atheist is incredible.

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