Did Jesus start a religion?

Question on FB: “DID JESUS CHRIST START A RELIGION? If so, scripture please?”

Christian response,

Jesus Christ abhorred “religion” as religion mandates mankind strive and work and labor for God’s approval, but Jesus nullified the error of all religions as He did the work for mankind concerning righteousness with the Father through atonement for sin at the Crucifixion subsequent to keeping God’s Laws in perfection, something mankind could never do; in fact, Elohim demonstrated this reality and truism as early as Genesis 3:21 but every religion denies God’s Gospel (Good News) demonstrating that righteousness and forgiveness of sin are manifest ONLY by grace (unmerited favor unattainable by man’s works) through faith (trusting-believing) in Jesus Christ as God and Mediator for sin; a reality that was ordained “before the beginning of Time” (2 Timothy 1:9-10).

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