Atheist claims Atheism is absent “faith”…is it?

Atheist suggests atheism is absent faith: “A Christian poster claims it takes MORE faith to believe that universe popped into existence out of nothing than to believe God created it. Why is this poster wrong?”

A Christian poster’s response,

I am not incorrect. Commonsense, logic, reason, an unbiased summation, demands that our Universe has been created by intelligence far superior than ours and that intelligent creator is obviously not constrained by Time and physics; therefore, it requires infinitely more “faith” to believe that a “Big Bang” of unknown origin consisting of matter and energy of an unknown origin “popped” or exploded into existence our Universe and then a speck of that Universe was accidentally formed that somehow sustains the fragility of life constructed with a genome, the complexity of same being beyond human understanding; NASA and Harvard’s best are without explanation.

The atheist possesses tremendous faith, more than any Christian in the history of the faith-based New Covenant. The Big Bang, molecules to man evolution – abiogenesis; descent with modification; macroevolution – a fish becoming humanity through positive genomic mutation/speciation/adaptation…I simply lack the faith necessary to believe these things, especially seeing that our Creator has taken the due diligence to provide me a personal letter explaining, carefully articulating, my origin and purpose, my destiny, while carefully preserve that letter through history when mankind has gone to great length to destroy that letter; then, this same Creator entered the Realm of Time in flesh and demonstrated His power and dominion and authority among men.

I see no other plausible explanation for the supernatural Universe that consumes me through my senses other than a Supernatural God as its Creator. I choose to trust in this God who has introduced Himself as Jesus Christ and I completely reject the explanations provided by men with an agenda of narcissism, moral relativism, hedonism. As the antithesis of Atheism, I find a life of faith in Jesus Christ to be incredibly wholesome, joyful, peaceful, meaningful, replete with assurance and contentment; therefore, I cannot deny what I see with my eyes and know with my heart and have experienced through personal application of God’s Truth.

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