Is “Faith” antithetical to Intellectualism?

Atheist asked (mockingly): “It is impossible to have an intellectual conversation with a person of faith. What say you?”

Christian response,

Are you suggesting that faith nullifies intellectualism? Faith is acting upon the evidence of things not seen; in other words, the incredible Universe, our unfathomable genome and its complexity scream “design” and therefore a Designer. Logically, with wisdom and discernment, I am convinced that God has revealed Himself in Nature, in His written word, through His Living Word i.e. Jesus Christ; therefore, by faith I cannot deny what screams at my senses to be Truth; that is, all that we see and apprehend with our senses was created with purpose for cause by One who is infinitely Intelligent and beyond the constraints of Time and physics…I call Him God, Jesus Christ, Lord, Messiah, Holy Father, Holy Spirit as He has introduced Himself to me in these ways. It is possible that, intellectually speaking, you, as an atheist, are not equipped spiritually to understand or engage the person of faith?

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