Why the New Covenant is VASTLY superior to the Old Covenant

Why the New Covenant of Grace is vastly superior to the Old Covenant of Law,

Brief response to a Law Keeper,

The moral aspects of the Decalog have been instituted into the New Covenant and culpability relevant to same has been enhanced as the Holy Spirit in this dispensation (New Covenant of Grace) works completely different than He did in the Covenant of Law. Jesus took the moral aspects of the Decalog and the Levitical Laws and enhanced them with mens rea (the criminal mind-the thought life) and Jesus attacked-defined the root of sin i.e. the heart and the mind.

No longer is rape or sodomy or adultery defined only as a physiological act but the mere “thought” of the act is condemnation in Heaven and on Earth (Matthew 5:21-30). No longer must a man physically murder in order to be guilty of murder but unrighteous anger qualifies as murder in the New Covenant (Matthew 5:21-30); therefore, the New Covenant is vastly superior to the Old Covenant as God not only guides His people through His indwelling Spirit but He has written His laws upon our heart (Hebrews 10:16) and guides us thorough promise/Covenant in peace and joy because those who have trusted in Jesus as Lord no longer need worry about their eternal destiny (Romans 5:1); we can enjoy our Lord in intimacy and peace as the Spirit sanctifies us i.e. sets us apart for God’s glory and prepares us for service in the coming Kingdom through the daily process of sanctification (Galatians 5:16).

You are obsessed in antiquity…in that which has passed and given-way to the New.You are obsessed with a Law and a Covenant that only condemned you void atonement…you are living in error and hopelessness (Galatians 2:16; Romans 3:20; 2 Corinthians 3). Trust only in Jesus and LIVE (John 14:6).

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