“Christians” voting for Biden/Harris, the Communist Democrat Party? What?

Concerning the heresy of “Christians” voting for Biden/Harris i.e. the Communist Democrat Party of the United States…

It is not possible that one who loves Jesus Christ and has entered into a relationship with the Father by grace through faith in Jesus as Lord and possessing the indwelling Holy Spirit as Guarantor of said relationship that this person redeemed and sanctified of the Lord could advocate for a Political Party, a representative of same, that espouses the murder-mutilation of babies in the womb and celebrates unconscionable sodomy in our streets while polluting the minds of our posterity with demonic sexual perversion; if you can cast a vote for a Communist Democrat, you are not a Christian but a demon in flesh existing in deception. You can identify the moral compass of a person and an organization by their affiliations, their works, their deeds, their loyalties. LIGHT displaces darkness and has no affiliation with same. You cannot love God and ally with His enemy, Satan. If you vote for the devil, chances are…you will suffer a similar fate as he in Hell lest you repent.

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