Sabbath Day Legalism: a plea to STOP

Sabbath Day Legalism is alive and well: “It is incomprehensible that we as [are] creationists and yet reject the 4th Commandment.”

Christian response to Rabbinical and SDA Legalism,

I am a Christian who loves and adores Jesus Christ and loves and appreciates the Holy Spirit and I am eternally grateful to God the Father for having shed His mercy upon me in much patience as an undeserving servant; with that said, the Sabbath is NOT nor was the Sabbath EVER given as a moral edict but ONLY as a civil-ceremonial edict to the children of Jacob >specifically. The Sabbath was NEVER instituted into the Covenant of Grace by Messiah as the Sabbath was fulfilled in Messiah Jesus (Hebrews 4; Colossians 2:16).

The Sabbath pointed the children of Jacob to a rest that would come through their Messiah and that Sabbath’s rest was and IS fulfilled in Messiah Jesus (Hebrews 4); therefore, there is NO longer a DAY in which man must seek rest in order to honor our God but when one “rests” in Messiah who fulfilled the arduous requirements of a Law that only condemned void atonement, the one who trusts in Messiah Jesus does NOT look to a DAY for rest but the faithful in Jesus rest in HIM ETERNALLY by grace through faith; that is, by trusting – believing in Jesus as my God; Jesus IS my Savior and my Mediator for sin and the perfection-righteousness of the Laws etched in stone at Sinai and the 613-Levitical Laws were fulfilled by my Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 5:17) and by faith in Him I can receive the perfection of HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS imputed into and over my life, forever (2 Corinthians 5:21) by Covenant as God the Father made Jesus, who knew no sin, to be sin for ME so that I could attain HIS righteousness imputed into and over my life by FAITH…a righteousness I could NEVER attain through vain attempts to keep the Decalog or the Mosaic Laws (Romans 3:20; Galatians 2:16). My righteousness, given me by faith in Jesus by grace through faith, is not attained through my efforts to keep a Law or a Day or a Feast…JESUS IS MY RIGHTEOUSNESS AND MY ONLY HOPE FOR LIFE WITH THE FATHER WHEN I DIE IN THIS BODY OF DEATH.

THEREFORE…Please stop with the Sabbath LEGALISM and leave the faithful in Jesus Christ alone. YOU HAVE NO AUTHORITY TO SUGGEST THAT MESSIAH’S FAITHFUL KEEP A DAY OR A FEAST OR A TRADITION (Romans 14)…I am free in my Lord to celebrate any day I choose and the Church Fathers have selected the First-Day of the Week as my Lord’s Day as my Lord separated Light from darkness on the First Day just as Jesus separated Light from darkness with “It is finished” and gave me victory over death-Hell-the Grave i.e. Satan; my Lord was resurrected from the dead on the First Day; God the Holy Spirit initiated the Church at Pentecost on the First Day; LEAVE ME ALONE WITH YOUR LEGALISM?

Rabbinical Jewish Legalists and Seventh Day Adventists…KEEP YOUR DAY AND YOUR LAW AND YOUR LEGALISM… I have Christ as my REST and my PEACE and have no need of either of you as you’re a burden and an anathema to me (Romans 5:1).

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