Evolution is Demonic Deception

Demonic Deception e.g. Evolutionary Theory…

Evolution is void any form of empirical evidence; evolution is, at best, historical science and is wholly man’s conceptual model void the scientific method; Evolution is a religion for atheists, sodomites, communists, abortionists, nihilists; Evolution explains nothing but is an embarrassing attempt by ungodly men and women to nullify the veracity of the creation narrative provided us by God the Holy Spirit in the Canon of Scripture; Evolution is demonically rooted and leads the naive to death in Hell; Evolution will be seen by courageous, honest, historians as causation for the collapse of America’s Constitutional Republic spearheaded by those brainwashed and deceived via Darwinian Evolution forced upon the American student beginning in the early 1960’s; Evolution is Satan’s tool to prostelyze atheism and to control and condemn the foolish and naive to Hell; Satan has been unimaginably successful among the Millennial and Generation-Z populous thus far and his success will continue through the “science community,” abortionists, LGBTQ advocates, communists, now inundating America’s federal, state, local, governments in all capacities and in all job descriptions.

In closing, Atheists i.e. evolutionists…

Please explain the origin of matter using physics or evolution?

Please explain the reality of the intangibles that fashion human existence i.e. human consciousness, logic, reason, morality, love?

2 thoughts on “Evolution is Demonic Deception

  1. I noticed you asked atheists an open question in one of your blog posts that I found interesting and wanted to comment on. The thing is, you ask athiest to provide evidence of evolution and/or explain the origin of matter using physics. Science has done both. There are mountains of evidence of evolution, just look at dogs for an easy one. They used to be wolves, through selective breeding and evolution we’ve created wolves with less fear towards humans. Matter from nothing? Yes, that has been proven mathematically as well.

    Now i’d like to ask you a question. Can you religion provide equal evidence to the same questions? I ask because it is widely known religions is largely belief without evidence, aka faith, but you are demanding atheists provide evidence for their beliefs.

    So pick one. Do you put faith in physical evidence or not?


    1. 1) Wolves = Dogs is NOT evolution but speciation…it’s a change within an KIND of animal…the same species or KIND that has been bread or adapted to an environment…but the DNA of the Wolf remains the same and those markers that manifest in the changes to a house pet were programmed by our Creator and they were in the DNA from “the beginning.” A dog will never become a cat and fish will never become an ape…the fossil record validates this.

      2) Christianity, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, clearly articulates the who, what, where, when, why, how, concerning our origin and our destiny and God’s purposes in creating Time and your genome. Unless you stop believing the nonsense of Darwin and trust fully in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Mediator for your sin, you will die in sin and die in Hell without hope. I sincerely urge you to read the Gospel of John and make an informed decision concerning your eternal destiny. Thank you for your input and interest…you may also be interested my articles on these related subjects…

      Why did God create the Human Being: https://rickeyholtsclaw.com/2020/12/04/why-did-god-create-a-human-being/

      Evidence for our Creator: https://rickeyholtsclaw.com/2019/10/25/evidence-for-our-creator/


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