Protestantism v. Catholicism – reaching an understanding…

Protestantism v. Catholicism…a changing perspective, not compromise just an understanding…

As a Protestant saved by grace through faith in Jesus, alone, I understand your animosity and rejection of Catholic doctrine, dogma, but I attended a Mass for the first time in my life on Thanksgiving Day this year. I have written much about Catholicism, what I consider to be pagan and false doctrine in the Catholic Church, Catechism, Church Canon, Tradition, the Magisterium, the Apocrypha, but what I witnessed in this Catholic Church in West Houston, TX was a plethora of sincerely seeking, loving, devout, worshipers of Jesus Christ…All bound-up with masks for COVID restrictions…with their children…the lame…the hurting… As I sat there with my son and observed, I was offended somewhat by the veneration of Mary and the emphasis on the Eucharist, but the Lord laid a burden upon my heart that I am NOT to judge these people but that He alone knows those who are His and He alone knows the heart.

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