Corinthian Tongues – Paganism – Deceit – Pentecostalism – Charismata…a comment

Paganism and Corinthian Tongues practiced in Pentecostalism and other forms of charismata today …

The actual Gift of Tongues was given to the early Church to prostelyze the known World in the Gospel as Tongues were intelligible and known languages-dialects that one had not studied but by God’s grace could understand and/or speak fluently. What far too many today consider a Gift of Tongues is pagan, intoxicated, babbling-gibberish that finds its origin in the pagan temple and the intoxicated oracles of a pagan priestess at Delphi adjacent to Corinth in the first-century; this paganism carried-over into the Corinthian Church resulting in much discord and Paul’s admonition that women remain silent in Church (1 Corinthians 14:34).

You believe your pagan gibberish is some form of secret prayer language that only you and God understand…this is a lie from the Devil and you’re practicing paganism and promoting same that is abused in Pentecostalism and other forms of works doctrine oriented heresy in “charismata.” Speaking in an unknown tongue is NOT a sign of the Holy Spirit in one’s life nor is it a confirmation that one has been saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Today’s pagan gibberish incorrectly labeled as a Tongue is demonic heresy and deception and defilement.

Subsequent to the publishing of the Canon of Scripture, the actual Gift of Tongues is no longer relevant…nor is it needed. If tongues were relevant today, why must missionary organizations methodically train their missionaries in the languages of the people they will serve?

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