Atheism-Evolution are NOT Logical or Reasonable

Can anyone, especially an Atheist or Evolutionist, name or describe an object or thing existing within the realm of Time and constrained by physics that is not the product of a creator or designer or maker?

If your response is “no”…please explain the following,

1) Explain the origin of matter void a Creator or Maker or Designer that is outside of the Space-Time continuum.

2) Explain the presence of the Moon, Sun, Stars, Earth, void a Creator, Maker or Designer that is outside of the Space-Time continuum.


Atheism and Evolution are not logical or reasonable because logic demands that if all things constrained by Time and physics, that which we see/apprehend around us with purpose and function, mandate a designer, a maker or creator then the Sun, Moon, Stars, Earth, exhibiting much greater purpose and design than anything within our grasp, must also be the products of a Designer-Maker-Creator. To deny this is illogical and void reason; therefore, atheism and evolution are both illogical and defy reason.

Jesus - when I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers

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