Did God create COVID-19; Is God the Author of Moral Evil?

Did God create COVID-19; Is God the Author of moral evil?


First of all, please understand that the KJV translators of the 1611 Authorized Version of the Bible did not translate the Hebrew “ra” in Isaiah 45:7 in context as the KJV translation suggests that God is the Creator of moral evil. When an exegesis is performed and word-for-word translations are sought, we find that “ra,” in the context of Isaiah 45, is accurately rendered as “calamity” not evil…see Hebrew: https://biblehub.com/interlinear/isaiah/45-7.htm

Second, it is important to understand that disease, suffering and death are not God’s will but these sociological negatives manifest by choice via imputed free will. God has ordained that both His angelic and human creation possess free will in order that love and relationship with Him can manifest in purity with authenticity. In order for one to truly love and enjoy fruitful relationship/fellowship/intimacy, the parties involved in said relationship must possess the free will to choose that relationship or reject it; In order for love to manifest with authenticity and purity, one must possess the free will to choose hate; In order for true righteousness via obedience to exist, one must possess the free will to choose disobedience; In order for good to exist and be realized as a positive sociological construct, one must possess the ability to choose evil. If mankind were to be programmed to respond in accordance with a predetermined action or robotism, love would be impotent and relationship unfulfilling.

Negative sociological constructs manifest by choice/free will as a default to those constructs that are positive. God does not desire or create negative sociological constructs as this would run contrary to His holiness and sinlessness but God does allow for the possibility of negative sociological constructs out of necessity in accordance with free will and God pleads with human kind to choose good over evil, blessing over cursing, life over death (Deuteronomy 30:19).

Thirdly, in the Beginning, God created all things “very good” (Genesis 1:31). God created human kind in His own spiritual image (Genesis 1:27). Free will, one of God’s communicable attributes, having been infused within human kind in conjunction with the moral law, God then placed man within a literal paradise called Eden where every desire of his heart was at his fingertips and God provided protection, sustenance, love, relationship-fellowship for-and-with Adam, but God’s holiness, justice, righteousness, necessitated that Adam be permitted to choose fellowship with God or pursue narcissism and self-reliance; therefore, God provided Adam with the option to choose fellowship with his Creator or choose to compromise with evil (Genesis 2:17).

God presented Adam with a choice out of necessity for free will to be exercised and love between God and man to manifest with purity and authenticity. Ultimately, Adam relented to the enticement of his wife, Eve, and Adam chose to compromise with evil as opposed to obedience to God and fellowship with Him; therefore, man rejected God and God’s Covenant of provision, sustenance and life; hence, the curse on mankind and nature (Genesis 3:17; 1 Corinthians 15:22).

Subsequent to the curse upon mankind and nature, entropy via the 2nd-law of thermodynamics and atrophy via human genomic mutational degradation manifest as a result of free will giving-way to disease, suffering, starvation, war, hate, evil, murder, death, all of which have ravaged-devastated human kind for 6000-years. God is NOT the Author of disease, suffering, starvation, war, hate, evil, murder, death, but these sociological negatives have manifest as a result of free will exercised initially by Lucifer in the Kingdom and subsequently by our first father, Adam, who transfers a sin-nature, a rebellious nature, a corrupted genome, death, through his seed to every man and woman born of the seed of man (Romans 5:12-21).

In closing, God is not the Author of moral evil, disease or death but again, these sociological tragedies exist as a default of free will which is essential for relationship with God to manifest with purity and authenticity.

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