Atheist: What is it about (god) that makes you people believe he exists?

Question from an atheist: “What is it about (god) that makes you people believe that he actually exists, and that he is an all-round good guy?”


Nothing “makes” me believe…from my earliest childhood staring at a clear nights sky was more than sufficient evidence for me that a Creator existed; unfortunately, it was not until I was 35-yrs of age and read through the New Testament for the first time that I learned of the Truth concerning why Creation manifest and the Name of our Creator.

I took that information and initiated an in-depth study of the Scriptures, including the original languages in areas of difficulty…It was INCREDIBLE the change that began to manifest in my life and the assurance and peace that encompassed my entire existence knowing that Jesus – Yeshua is exactly who He said He is and that He is my God…the One who suffered and died for me so that I can live with Him for Eternity…that was 28-yrs ago and the Holy Spirit has been incredibly faithful and good to me! I cannot deny what I know to be Truth. Jesus Christ is LIFE!

Jesus - when I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers

jesus - Romans 5-1 justified by faith we have peace with God

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