Do we lose our Salvation with every sin or only continual sin?

Theological question on FB: “Do we lose salvation with every sin or only ‘continual/practicing sins?’”

Christian response…

If you have placed your faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and repented of your sin, received the Holy Spirit as the Seal and Guarantor of relationship with God the Father, you are secure forever in that relationship and Jesus Christ has told you this as well (John 10:28-30).

If one is “continually practicing sin,” there is serious doubt concerning the authenticity of their faith and relationship with God the Father (Matthew 7:15-20). No one that is truly born-again by the indwelling Holy Spirit will seek to live in willful sin…this simply cannot happen; therefore, you cannot lose what you’ve never possessed.

When we sin by commission or omission as believers-the redeemed, we immediately ask forgiveness (1 John 1:9) NOT to reestablish our salvation but to reestablish intimacy with our Lord. The most precious gift of the Salvation experience is peace and intimacy with our God (Romans 5:1). Sin disrupts this intimacy; therefore, the faithful confess their sin and apologize in order to maintain intimacy, closeness, with the God we love.

It’s the same with our family, our friends, those we love but might insult or hurt with our selfish behavior…we ask forgiveness in order that the bond of love can be enjoyed…not to reestablish that bond but only to enjoy it fully (Romans 5:1). Unlike the unpredictability of human relationships in the realm of Time, God the Father promises to keep His children secure when they have sincerely entered into a relationship with Him by grace through faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and having received the indwelling Holy Spirit of Promise, forever (John 14:16).

Jesus - no one snatch them out of my hand

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