Liberal-Fascist-Atheist questions Christians rights – COVID-19 v. 2nd-Amendment

Liberal-Fascist-Atheistic logic: “Can someone explain to me why the same people who don’t need to wear a mask because God will look after them also need an AR-15 because God won’t?

Christian Patriot response…

Because this virus, COVID-19, has been and continues to be hyped via a globalist-socialist agenda for power and control over the masses while the Progressive-Socialist-Democrat seeks to annul our Bill of Rights and infuse their version of “Democratic Socialism” (actually another form of deadly Leninism – Marxism) and the Progressive Democrat is an enemy of the State; a traitor to the American people; a traitor to American men and women who fought and died battling socialism-communism; a traitor to our Constitutional Republic; therefore, when they, Progressive “useful idiots” come to place their socialistic boot on the neck of the Patriot, the Patriot will fight to the death; hence, the necessity for the AR-15, AR-10, AK-47, M1911, Glock and stockpiles of ammunition and supplies. Know your enemy and act accordingly with wisdom and discernment.

socialism - death numbers from socialism-communism-islam
atheism - joseph stalin a hip atheist killed 60 million of his citizens

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