Atheist mocks Christian faith based on Jesus’ appearance

Atheists, addicted to the flesh, question the faith of Christians based on what Jesus may have looked like. “In 2001, a new attempt was made to discover what the true race and face of Jesus might have been, and the result is the pic below. If this pic were placed in churches, Christians would run for the exists. They would not worship Jesus, which should tell you that the images of Jesus in churches are pure fiction. They are what Christians want Jesus to look like–not what he actually looked like. Thoughts?”

Response to the atheist…

Mark, Jesus Christ-Yeshua is Jewish from the Patriarchy of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, through the Tribe of Judah as per His humanity and Jesus Christ-Yeshua is God, Creator, Messiah, Judge, of all Creation in His deity.

Mark, I know that those who are addicted to the flesh i.e. the naturalist-atheist-moral relativist place much emphasis on appearance as opposed to substance and sustainability but the Scriptures tell us that Messiah-Jesus was not necessarily attractive that any of us would be drawn to Him physically…but Jesus is God, Mark, and He humbled Himself and made Himself nothing by Worldly standards, taking on the form of a man and a servant He humbly walked to a Roman Crucifixion and suffered and died for you because He loves you and desires that you live with Him eternally (Philippians 2:8).

Jesus - not attractive

jesus - being fashioned as a man made himself nothiing

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