Abortion Lies Continue while America Dies in Innocent Blood

Abortion advocate logic: “If you want to abolish abortion, I hope you’re also ready to get on board with increased spending on social programs that it will take to care for kids born of unfit mothers.” “A fetus is not a child.”

Response to those who advocate murdering babies in the womb…

Does anyone in the Progressive-Socialist-Democrat Party understand the demonic position they are espousing by voting for, advocating for, supporting, the mutilation of a baby in the womb? Do you understand that God’s wrath is upon the United States for our murder of innocence? The Progressive Democrat chants the lie that a fetus is not a baby, not a person, but science has dispelled this myth and confirmed that life does, indeed, begin at the moment of conception; for this reason, Roe v. Wade (1973) is unconstitutional and violates the aborted child’s 5th and 14th Amendment due process protections.

When you advocate for the suctioning-out; burning to death with saline; mutilation-dismemberment with surgical instruments; vacuuming the brains from a child’s skull in the womb, you have committed an act of murder and there is no legitimate defense to the culpability integral to this most unconscionable crime against God, our Creator. God the Father is judging the American people for our murder of His children and America is dying as a result.

As one who loves Jesus Christ, what am I pleading for concerning America and abortion?

I am simply pleading for the extrication of the Federal Government OUT of the “business” of infanticide. Please stop pervasive culpability for the shedding of innocent blood? Stop the wrath of God upon the American people for our Government’s participation in the mutilation of 61-million babies subsequent to Roe/73. Stop America’s complicity in the death of children. If a State opts to murder babies in the womb, at least I have the option to leave that State and live my life apart from that wicked governmental entity. I have begged for years for this to STOP. My warning to President Trump, my Plea to the American people in 2017, see letter to President Trump: https://rickeyholtsclaw.com/2017/09/08/president-trump-a-warning-a-prophecy-a-plea/

Science confirms that human life begins at fertilization


Life begins at Fertilization


Pediatricians agree: Life begins at conception:


Princeton agrees, life begins at conception:


US Government Now Says: Life begins at conception


Life Begins a Fertilization, video


Fetal Homicide Laws


abortion - every child deserves the right to life

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