President Trump – A Warning – A Prophecy – A Plea

baby in arms REPEAL ROE 2

A warning to President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence…

08 September 2017

President Donald Trump is America’s last hope for revival and restoration.  Unless President Trump or a Convention of States (Article V) petitions Congress to repeal Roe v. Wade (1973) and extricates the United States Federal Government from the holocaust of demonic infanticide, America will continue on the path to self-destruction and implosion.  Our Lord’s wrath is certain and America and the American People will suffer horrifically.  The innocent blood of 60-million American babies mutilated via Roe v. Wade (1973) cries to the Creator for justice. Will anyone listen?

Dear President Trump,

I have attempted to contact you over the past several months in various formats to deliver this message.  Yes Sir, I understand that there are pressing needs in Government, please take a few minutes and consider the message I’ve shared – our Lord is angry and His compassion, His patience will not endure forever – you have been warned and I have done what I have been asked to do.

Fact: The United States Federal Government as per the unconstitutional SCOTUS decision of Roe v. Wade (1973) has been a co-conspirator in the murder, torture, dismemberment, burning to death, mutilation, of 60-million American children.  Every precious child murdered by the hands of an abortionist belongs to our Creator, Jesus Christ.  Every child is from the Lord and does not belong to anyone but the One who provided them with life; every child is simply on temporary loan to mankind to be cared for, loved and we, every citizen in the United States, will be held accountable relevant to how we have provided for God’s unfathomable gift of life – our posterity.


A Strategy for Repeal

  1. Overturn Roe v. Wade (1973), a strategy:
  2. A Pathway Supporting Repeal of Roe! “HHS to define human life as ‘beginning at conception’” see:
  3. Roe v. Wade is Unconstitutional:  Roe v. Wade should have NEVER been affirmed by the United States Supreme Court for the decision blatantly denies the pre-born child their 5th and 14th Amendment “Due Process” Protections.  No one in America is to be denied their right to life, to liberty, void due process of law and considering recent scientific/medical discoveries concerning early viability of the pre-born child and the fact that life begins at conception, Roe v. Wade (1973) must be declared unconstitutional and repealed – it is imperative that the United States Federal Government extricate itself from the holocaust of infanticide if America is to have any hope of healing and restoration.  Jesus Christ will NOT bless the American people unless we repent of our murder of the most innocent and plead for our Lord’s return and preeminence over our Land.  America’s destiny may already be fixed, but we serve a compassionate and loving Lord, perhaps He will, once again, show us grace and mercy!

Thank you Mr. President,

Rickey D. Holtsclaw

Jesus - God hates sin - Ezeliel 24 14 i the lord have spoken it is coming and i will act i will not relent and i will not pity and i will not be sorry i will judge you

For more information, please see:

Progressivism – Party of Deception and Death:




3 thoughts on “President Trump – A Warning – A Prophecy – A Plea

    1. So very true, Doug. Twitter respondents suggest that they will be dead and gone by the time the Progressive Agenda under Millennial’s destroys America…they don’t understand these perverse Socialists are ready now and millions become eligible voters every year…America is in a moral/ethical decline and it’s very possible that our Lord has ordained this weakening of the West for eschatological reasons…this as our Lord prepares the Nations in nuclear readiness to gather against Israel/Jerusalem. Things are truly getting interesting and it’s a great time to be alive: Thanks, Doug


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