Is Darwinian Evolution a Cult, Religion, a pagan god?

Theological question posited on FB: “I’m trying to see if Believers of Evolution & Darwinian Evolution are a Cult ? & if Charles Darwin is a modern-day pagan God? or idol?”


Evolution is a religion for atheists. There has never been a more effective progenitor of atheism than Darwinian Evolution. Having been infused into America’s public schools in 1963, Darwin in the “sciences” combined with historical revisionism/Progressive socialism in the humanities, has morphed two-three generations of lost, hopeless, atheistic-socialist-nihilists who are now entering the voting booths and they will be the catalyst that destroys America’s Constitutional Republic.

If and when historians look back and detail the fall of the American Constitutional Republic, those not encumbered by Political Correctness will point to Engel v. Vitale (1962) and Darwin infused into the classrooms in 1963 and the murder of 61-million babies subsequent to Roe/73 and the affirming of Obergefell v. Hodges (2015). Darwin’s idiocy will be seen as the turning point of America’s fall from grace and the destruction of our Constitutional Republic via the infusion of socialism-Leninism-Marxism by Progressive Useful Idiots!

Progressive Socialists in America have been so thoroughly brainwashed and programmed in our institutions of “higher learning” that they’re not capable of discerning their self-destructive ideology – deadly worldview…they are gone to the wind psychologically and they’re NOT coming back to any sense of sanity or usefulness as patriotic Americans. America is doomed.

evolution - religion of evolution

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