Atheist-Socialist Mocks Faith of Christians seeking to reopen the America’s economy…

Atheist-socialist logic: “Florida’s beaches have re-opened, and there are many who believe like the woman in the pic that God will protect them from the coronavirus. They are sorely mistaken! What say you?”

Response to the socialist-atheist…

As I have said from the beginning, COVID-19 has been blown completely out of proportion, Nationwide. It’s the stupid flu for goodness sake – politicized for a globalist-socialist agenda! I say that our Constitution promises certain rights and our Bill of Rights is based upon personal discernment…the ability to choose my own path in life…and the Government has NO BUSINESS telling me when and where I can worship; if and when I can purchase a weapon; where I can eat my Mexican food and what time of day I can take a walk along the beach.

America is NOT a socialist Nation yet…so Mark, you’ll have to wait a while longer before the communist boot steps down onto your neck and when it does, I hope I’m around to tell you “I told you so”….a hoard of useful idiots, mindless socialist buffoons i.e. the Atheist-Progressive-Socialist-Democrat-Abortionist-Sexually Perverse Party of America. Your demonic ideology should be driven straight into the oceans.

atheism - joseph stalin a hip atheist killed 60 million of his citizens

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