The Incredible FAITH of the Atheistic-Evolutionist

The INCREDIBLE FAITH of the Atheist-Evolutionist…

The Law of Biogenesis affirms that life only comes from life of its KIND, but atheistic-evolution presupposes that life in Time finds its origin in non-living material i.e. abiogenesis. Many atheistic and theistic evolutionists will stop me at that point and insist that evolution only deals with life having already formed, not the origin of life, but this argument is faulty; how can one argue or explain the diversity of life void the origin of life? Recently, I debated this topic with an atheist who agreed that the premise of abiogenesis is based upon life evolving from non-life and stated that he was very comfortable with that premise yet scientists such as Pasteur, Spallanzani and Redi have disproved the theory of abiogenesis; it is NOT possible for life to evolve from non-life.

In rebuttal, another atheist interjected and inquired about my belief relevant to the origin of life and I quoted him Genesis 2:7 of the Holy Scriptures:

“Then the LORD God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.” Genesis 2:7 (NASB)

Immediately, the atheist countered claiming that the Scriptures declare life having originated from non-life as well; therefore, the Scriptures could not be correct. I pointed-out that science has declared that life cannot “evolve” from non-life but an intermediary – a designer – a creator is mandated e.g. something or someone that is greater than life, outside of life and Time, an entity having dominion and authority over life and Time was essential for the origin of life.

Evolution-abiogenesis, subsequent to diligent testing and experimentation, even in strictly controlled environs, fails to generate life from non-life; then of course, follows the plethora of biological hurdles even if such experiments were to be successful; how can life formed via abiogenesis be sustained in a hostile environment and how could this simplistic cell possibly evolve into the diversity of life that inundates our World? Compounding this problem for the atheistic-evolutionist is the question of the genesis relevant to the dead-matter that is used to form life as per abiogenesis? Where does that “dead-matter,” having allegedly evolved into life, where do the constituent elements forming said matter find their origin?

My point is this…

Evolution-Atheism are the progenitors of eugenics; abortion – the murder of 61-million American babies; Evolution-Atheism are a demonic crutch, a ruse, a scam, a façade of science internalized by the narcissist – the sexually perverse – those who advocate for the murder of babies in the womb by practice, vote or voice – atheistic-evolution is the “religion” of the godless and spiritually dead progressive-socialist-democrat currently destroying America’s Constitutional Republic. It is these that mock the Christian for faith in Jesus Christ as Lord while atheistic-evolutionism mandates exponentially greater faith than Christianity.

It is the atheistic-evolutionist that is not only serving Satan in their rejection of and rebellion to Jesus Christ as Lord, but there exists no greater hypocrite than a spiritually dead atheistic-evolutionist who denies what the Holy Spirit has said and what has been placed before their eyes in Nature while these same hypocrites espouse a ridiculous premise that even their own science has debunked and declared impossible i.e. abiogenesis…this is willful participatory demonic deception (Romans 1:18-32).

To the Theistic-Evolutionist…

An atheist was quick to counter my argument with the fact that Catholicism and the Episcopalians and perhaps a faction of Pentecostalism and other denominations endorse, accept, theistic evolution which says that evolution is true but God has orchestrated the process.

First of all, Catholicism has never been Christian and any people group, regardless of denominational affiliation, who calls the Holy Spirit a liar and denies what Elohim-Jesus Christ has done in the Genesis, is not a Christian. You cannot love God and call Him a liar and you cannot possess the indwelling Holy Spirit and call Him a liar by rejecting His word as articulated in the Scriptures. This is not possible!

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