Reconciling God’s Sovereignty-Immutability and Prayer

Theological inquiry: “Can someone help us – how this works together: Prayer and the Sovereignty of God?”

Response concerning God’s Sovereignty and the power of prayer…

Unfortunately, many in Christianity today are confused relevant to how a Sovereign and Immutable God can be responsive to our prayers. If God is immutable, what relevance is there in prayer seeing that all things are fixed and our petitions to our Lord would seemingly be impotent?

How is God’s immutability reconciled with our free will?

God is sovereign over Creation, Time and Eternity, and God’s Plan for Time is immutable but the process by which that Plan comes to fruition is fluid; in other words, God’s Plan for dealing with sin, Lucifer, Time and Eternity is fixed…what He has promised in the Scriptures will come to pass (Numbers 23:19) but God has so decreed that you and I possess “free will” in order that our relationship with Him can manifest in purity and honesty with authenticity.

God, in His omnipotence, allows His created beings, both angelic and human, to choose their affections and destiny in life and God works through and around our personal choices in order to accomplish His perfect will and Plan. God calls each of us to take an active part in defeating the works of Satan and coming alongside Him and working for the Kingdom of God. This is accomplished by seeking and doing the will of God through prayer and obedience to His written word and His Living Word, Jesus Christ.

God only entertains the payers of those who love Him and diligently seek Him and His will for their lives (John 9:31). If you have established a relationship with God the Father by grace through faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and you’ve received the indwelling Holy Spirit as the Seal of that relationship, your prayers are heard by our Sovereign God and they will be acted upon because you have chosen to honor our Lord by faith in the Son, Jesus Christ.

In this life, we are free to choose servitude to God the Father through the Son and by the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit – or – we can reject God and serve His nemesis, Satan…the choice is ours yet God remains sovereign over both Time and Eternity and His victory in all things is assured. Hope this helps?

jesus - we know that god does not hear sinners

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