Atheists Radically defend Darwin…just the facts…

Atheists radically defend Darwinism…just the facts, please?

1) Darwin was but a man…his theory was under girded spiritually by Satan.

2) It is irrelevant what Darwin believed or did not believe, his theory has destroyed the life and soul of many millions who have died in sin and will die in sin and Hell as they have rejected Jesus as Lord in lieu of believing the naturalistic lies of evolution.

3) Evolution is NOT science nor can it be. Evolution is NOT subject to the scientific method; evolution is a religion of baseless history predicated upon suppositions and inferences about the past…evolution is demonic deception.

4) Catholicism is not Christian and no one can accept Darwin’s theory and simultaneously believe that God is True and that the Holy Spirit’s account of Genesis is True. You cannot love God and simultaneously call Him a liar. You cannot possess the indwelling Holy Spirit and compromise with the Devil.

5) Evolution is the most prolific causation for/progenitor of atheism that has ever existed. Evolution and Atheism are blood brothers and modern-day atheism is the direct resultant of Darwinism.

jesus - evolution - see to it that no one takes you capative through philosophy and empty deception according to the traditons of men

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