Atheist mocks the Scriptures concerning Satan and Messiah’s Temptation…a response…

Atheist mocks the Scriptures concerning Satan: “You actually think Satan would offer Yeshua all the kingdom’s of the world if he thought Yeshua was God? That’s your religion?”

Christian response…

Satan has been given limited dominion over this World and Satan does believe that he will be victorious and he has successfully deceived an overwhelming number of Mankind to follow him to Hell, the fruition of which will manifest subsequent to the judgment of the condemned…you are a shining example of servitude to Satan as well.

So yes, Satan possesses the foolishness sufficient to believe he is god; in fact, as of the 7th-Century, Satan has sought praise and worship as the Arabic moon god, Allah, and he has found adoration and deity among billions through Islam; it is praise and worship that Lucifer coveted in the Kingdom and that sin initiated the creation of Time, this Universe and humanity.

Satan-Allah touts legitimacy through Islam’s affiliation with Abraham via Abraham’s adulterous affair with Hagar producing Ishmael referred to by the Holy Spirit as a “wild donkey of a man” (Genesis 16:12) You are here actively defending Satan and for this, lest you repent and turn to Jesus Christ as Lord and Mediator for your sin, you will most likely suffer greatly subsequent to the judgment of the condemned (Revelation 20:11-15).

jesus - satan - ezekiel 28 full scripture explaining satan in eden and with god and his fall in sin

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