The Atheist – “Show me evidence for your God!”

Atheist demands…“Show me the proof for your God!”

Response to the Atheist…

First of all, it is incompatible with commonsense, logic and reason for anyone possessing sight-hearing-touch-taste-smell, to exist within this supernatural environment and observe the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, human life i.e. the complex, unfathomable, human genome and subsequently turn-away and deny the necessity of design and the necessity of a Designer. To do so is blatant rebellion, ignorance and/or insanity and yes, this Universe, the human genome are SUPER-NATURAL and no one, nothing can explain them but the Designer of same!

Though a human being possessing at least a modicum of commonsense, cognitive acuity-awareness, may not know the name of the Designer that initiated the Realm of Time and formed this supernatural Universe, they intuitively know that a Designer exists and said Designer possesses power, dominion, authority, over all of Creation, including dominion and authority over the lives of every human being and every living thing that walks or crawls upon the Earth. The biological sciences, pre-biological science studying the genesis of the complex genome, physics, astrophysics, chemistry, historical science i.e. evolution, these constructs constrained by Time and law cannot explain the supernatural environment that engulfs our senses 24-7-52-365. The more science conducts research, the more profound are the questions void answers.

Though men like Dawkins, Ra, Harris, Gervais, Hitchens and a plethora of “worldly intelligent” men like them possess some intelligence in a specific field of study, these men are truly liars, idiots and borderline insane concerning Truth and evidence of design and the evidence mandating a Designer relevant to our supernatural World. These men are “the fools” of Eternity and anyone that pays them allegiance makes them self as much a fool as they. They are the tools and servants and useful idiots of Evil. To deny what is before one’s eyes is insanity. No one, nothing, has explained origin, meaning, morality, destiny, like the God of the Holy Bible.

The atheist in his vulgarity and rebellion will scoff and make every attempt to disparage the Scriptures of the Canon Bible but the Word of God is timeless and eternal and will be used to judge that atheist in his/her facade of unbelief when they stand in the Judgment in Eternity. There is no God and Creator like Jesus Christ-Yeshua and when you deny His Truth, you deny life and hope and Eternity in your facade of rebellion, unbelief, in the ridiculous hoax that is labeled as “Atheism” – a rebellious fool’s attempt to justify their immorality by denying that which they know exists.

The Atheist is sadly and pathetically laughable in their insistence for “evidence” and the atheist is truly “the fool” of Time and Eternity. The angles must look upon the lowly atheist and shake their head with amazement at the abject willful ignorance and foolishness of these rebellious, deceived, stubborn, creatures. For years I have staunchly disagreed with Calvin’s doctrine of predestination but the modern-day, radicalized, petulant, atheist does provide a foundation for Calvin’s theological positioning.

Rickey D. Holtsclaw

“There are honest doubters and dishonest doubters. An honest doubter is willing to search out the truth and live by the results; a dishonest doubter doesn’t want to know the truth. He can’t find God for the same reason a thief can’t find a policeman.” Adrian Rogers

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