Who is Allah? Creator or Created?

On a Bible debate forum, I am observing Post after Post defending Allah and suggesting Allah is the same god of the Holy Bible…please allow me to differentiate between Allah and Jesus Christ-Yeshua. Forgive me for the lengthy post…

Our Creator, the God of the Holy Bible, has identified Himself in Scripture by Name as “I AM” (Exodus 3:14) and we know Him as Jesus Christ-Yeshua who is Elohim in Genesis 1 and the Living Word of God in the Gospel of John, Chapter 1.

Allah is NOT creator but Allah is created. Allah is Lucifer who was God’s chief cherub angel in the Kingdom of Heaven, but Lucifer coveted God’s authority and dominion while one-third of the entire angelic community followed Lucifer in his rebellion to usurp God’s authority.

As a result of Lucifer’s (Allah) attempted Coup and because the destructive presence of sin is NOT permitted in God’s Kingdom, our Creator, Jesus Christ-Yeshua, spoke into existence the realm of Time, the Universe, Earth, mankind, at which time our Creator removed Lucifer and the rebellious angles from the Kingdom and placed them within the constraints of Time. It is here that we see the advent of Allah in the Garden of Eden who eventually manifests himself publicly via a religion initiated through Abraham, Hagar, Ishmael i.e. Islam. In close proximity in Time, we see the origin of Judaism/Christianity manifesting from the seed of Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob AKA Israel.

It is important to note that Ishmael (the genealogical genesis of Islam), the son of Abraham through Hagar, is NOT the son of promise but only Isaac born to Abraham and his wife, Sarah, did our Creator bring forth Messiah-Yeshua who died to provide mankind a pardon from death in sin and Hell. (Genesis 17:20-21)

Why did our Creator choose to not simply destroy Lucifer and the angles for their coup d’état?

Lucifer-Allah is the adversary of our Creator, Jesus Christ-Yeshua, and God is dealing with Allah-Lucifer within the constraints of Time apart from the Kingdom of God where no sin is permitted. Our God is defined as LOVE and He desires relationship with both His angelic and human creation. In order for love and relationship to manifest in purity and authenticity, one must be free to choose to love or hate; otherwise love is robotic and impotent. Understand that our Creator did not destroy Lucifer (Allah) subsequent to his rebellion in the Kingdom because had our Creator arbitrarily destroyed Lucifer and the angels that followed Lucifer in the rebellion, the remaining two-thirds of the faithful angelic creation would no longer love our Creator out of free will/volition but out of fear. True love and relationship cannot manifest in fear; therefore, our Creator spoke into existence the realm of Time, this Universe and the Earth and placed Lucifer-Allah within the constraints of Time apart from the Heavenly Realm. The spiritual struggle between our Creator, Jesus Christ-Yeshua, and Allah-Satan is currently being played-out before our eyes constrained by the realm of Time. This cosmic struggle initiated by Lucifer-Allah can be seen in the Realm of Time as the struggle that exists today between Islam v. Israel and Allah’s hatred for the Jewish people and Islam’s hatred for the State of Israel.

The faithful Angles in God’s Kingdom are watching the events unfold as Allah-Satan steals, kills, destroys, with impunity on this Earth and the faithful Angels will, in the summation of all things following the Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ, these faithful Angles will agree with God that Allah-Lucifer/Satan must be destroyed. Satan-Allah will be confined and tormented in the Lake of Fire forever and the faithful Angles of God will agree that this punishment is just and righteous.

All who have been deceived by Allah serve Satan unaware and they are seeking death in sin and death in Hell for their servitude of our Creator’s most prolific adversary, Allah, who is the demonic god of Islam!

Everyone who has believed in Jesus Christ-Yeshua as Lord and entered into a relationship with God the Father by grace through faith in the Son, Jesus Christ, will spend Eternity with God in His Kingdom as servants. These faithful will be permitted to enter God’s Kingdom subsequent to death of the body because they have been redeemed and forgiven of all sin as a result of their faith in and love for Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Rickey D. Holtsclaw

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