Illegal Immigration – A Communist Assault on America (video)

Excellent, articulate, succinct, exacting, overview of the motives relevant to Progressive-Socialism in America. It is tragic to sit here as one who loves America and has benefited greatly from Her beauty, kindness, richness and watch the Progressive-Democrats-Socialists-Islamist’s systematically destroy our Constitutional Republic right before my eyes. I don’t see America recovering from such a successful Socialistic assault on Her values, mores, norms, ethics…a Progressive-Marxist assault that has been in the works since strategized by John Dewey/1900. America has lost two-three generations of youth via systematic brainwashing in Darwinian Evolution, historical revisionism, atheism, naturalism, identity politics, sexual-orientation confusion, addiction, socialism. I don’t believe anything other than a successful Civil War 2.0 aimed at annihilating Progressivism/Islam in our Government, Education, Hollywood and driving these demonic ideologies into the oceans will provide America hope for restoration; should a Civil War be successful in eradicating the Progressive scourge metastasizing in America, it would mandate another two-three generations of youth raised to know our Creator, Jesus Christ, trained in the truth of America’s Constitution/essential founding documents and trained in the mores, norms, ethics necessary to sustain our society and our Republic before a modicum of hope would be realized. I’m afraid America is dying in apostasy resulting from our abortion/infanticide (Roe-73), unconscionable sexual perversion (Obergefell-2015), compromise with Islam, confusion, dissension, addiction. Also, I believe there is most likely an eschatological purpose concerning the fall of America as a World Power.

Rickey D. Holtsclaw

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