Modified Motorcycle Exhaust “Power Point” Enforcement Strategy for Law Enforcement

A workable enforcement strategy for local and state law enforcement searching for viable options to countering the exponential growth of illegally modified, illegally equipped, illegally LOUD motorcycles on our public roadways.  The following Power Point presentation only requires that relevant State laws and local ordinances be inserted into the program where applicable.  “Thank You” to every law enforcement entity that endeavors to intercede on behalf of the millions of vehicular noise beleaguered citizens in the United States.

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Note: The Modified Motorcycle Enforcement Guide – Power Point was created and graciously shared by a concerned citizen who wishes to remain anonymous though his local and state law enforcement entities are certainly appreciative of his work and tenacity in tackling the out-of-control vehicular noise debacle on our public roadways.  Thank you!

General Form Letter 

for the

Department of Environment (US EPA – State – Local)!Aux9H6ZL5f4mgy2a_CPAFS9W60s_

Article: The Truth about Loud Motorcycles the Police Won’t or Can’t tell you:

Thank you,

Rick Holtsclaw, Houston PD/Retired

Concerned Citizens Against Loud Motorcycles Concerned Citizens Against Loud Motorcycles – Facebook

for FB coverme at lubys



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