Purpose for Law – Theological

Purpose for Law (Spiritual & Written-Codified) Which is eternal?

The Spiritual Law (Romans 2:14-15)

Spiritual Law (law of conscience) has been extant as an arbiter of free will subsequent the creation of the angels and that same law, which convicted Satan of covetousness and under girded his extrication from Kingdom, was infused within the human genome on Day-6 as human kind was created in the spiritual image of Elohim; that Spiritual Law was given as a bulwark against societal implosion/extinction from unrestrained narcissism and the Spiritual Law also judged the Adamic and Noahic generations of unconscionable defilement where all but eight perished in judgement via water; that same Spiritual Law or “law of conscience” was also introduced into the Realm of Time to further Elohim’s eschatological plan concerning the destruction of Satan’s works via the Gospel via the coming Messiah (Genesis 3:15-21; 1 John 3:8b).

The Written Law (Sinai)

The “Written Law,” (10-etched in stone/603 scratched upon parchment) given solely to Israel and sojourners that accompanied them at Sinai, is NOTHING new or novel but like the “Code of Hammurabi,” Sinai was simply a reiteration of the Spiritual Law with some specificity relevant to the sanctification (a setting apart) of the Hebrew Tribes as they were inundated by paganism serving pagan gods; this, of course, if allowed to infiltrate the Hebrew Tribes, would have stymied Elohim’s eschatological purposes concerning Israel’s children; that is, the introduction of Messiah through Judah and the ultimate eschatological purposes for Israel as proselytizers of the Gospel through the Great Commission via Messiah’s New Covenant; this ordination of Israel’s children as proselytizers of the New Covenant’s promised salvation by Grace through Faith through Messiah was; unfortunately, ultimately rejected by Israel.

Written Law – Spiritual Law – Relevance today,

The Written Law – Sinai’s only relevance today is as a tutor to point Israel’s wayward children to their need for Messiah by faith (Galatians 3:24) but concerning Elohim’s eschatological purposes going forward, it is the Spiritual Law that remains extant and relevant in the New Covenant; this, via the indwelling Holy Spirit via the human conscience redeemed by faith in Messiah Jesus (Galatians 5:16).

Though the Written Law will receive some glorification in the Millennial Kingdom for the sake of “remembrance” concerning Yahweh’s work through Israel’s children, it is the Spiritual Law having arbitrated the thoughts, intent and motives of 99% of all humanity throughout the Realm of Time that will remain extant throughout Eternity as free will remains extant by necessity relevant to love, intimacy and reciprocal, authentic relationships in the Kingdom.

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