Concerning: Ukraine-Russia-China-Islam-America & Biblical Eschatology…

State of the Union,

Concerning Biblical Eschatology, Ukraine, Russia, China, Islam, America…Messiah Jesus

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, invaded the politically, ethically, morally, corrupt Country of Ukraine due to national security concerns relevant to the encroachment of NATO and the timing of the invasion was in response to the weakness, ineptitude, graft – compromise with China, Ukraine, Romania – influence peddling by President Biden and his corrupt family members; this, in conjunction with Biden’s embarrassing retreat from Afghanistan and Biden’s, Clinton’s, Progressives, Democrats, relentless false accusations, insults, against Putin concerning election interference relevant to the 2016 U.S. Presidential election and the stolen – coup – 2020-Presidential election; this, in conjunction with the moral, ethical, decline of the American people and their compromise with the WOKE perversion and racial hatred fostered by demonically motivated Progressives in combination with impotent, incompetent, WOKE, demonically inspired, bureaucrats in Washington DC who are the major players, puppeteers, of those “elected” by our once honorable “Constitutional Republic;” this, as America’s Progressive-Socialists-Communists (the virtue-signaling “do-gooders”) have opened America’s borders to illegal entry by Chinese Communists; Mexican drug cartels pushing Chinese based fentanyl to American youth who are dying by the hundreds-of-thousands due to fentanyl poisoning; a literal invasion of America by international criminal elements, the identity of which escape American authorities as these evade border check-points; this, as America’s youth, for the previous five-decades, have been methodically brainwashed, morphed, into American Hating socialist-atheists via Darwin-evolution, Marx, Lenin, CRT, 1619, gender confusion-LGBTQ cultism forced into America’s classrooms by demonically under girded teachers unions, Globalists, Progressives, Democrat-Communists.  

The natural resultant of American political, moral, ethical, Progressive, impotency,

Putin and CCP President Xi Jinping have allied with Islam in response to America’s wasteful spending and unyielding support of the failed Nation of Ukraine and Ukraine’s corrupt oligarch-dictator “President” Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Putin and the Russian military, contrary to liberal and neo-con analysis, possess the armament, strength, to destroy the Ukrainian military within a few-days if President Putin was so inclined but what we are witnessing is the collusion of Putin, Xi, Iran; an Axis of Evil strategizing to bankrupt America both financially and militarily as America whores itself to Zelensky’s demands for endless cash and implements of war which Biden has promised an endless supply “for as long as it takes;” this, on the heels of America’s destruction by Xi Jinping’s COVID attack on the World with specificity in the West.

The Communist Chinese released COVID with military strategic intent; consequently, the CCP successfully bled the American people dry through failed small business bankruptcy via forced closures, a bankrupt economy via printing money for votes, a divided populous, an irreparable chasm of distrust between the discerning American and the WOKE, compromised, perverted, demonically influenced, U.S. Federal Government and Big Pharma. Xi Jinping and Putin are, with glee and celebration, watching as America destroys its own economy through endless funding of a foreign war and compromise with the demonically insane “climate cult;” as America destroys its military through the implementation of WOKE-perverse policies, compromise with the LGBTQ cult and the endless shipment of military armament to Ukraine that is exhausting America’s strategic supplies; this, while the corrupt military industrial complex salivates over endless funding to resupply in vain; all of this, while America’s government has morphed into a communist police state of corruption, graft, moral-ethical defilement, embarrassing compromise with evil for Globalist profit; this, while Taiwan is dangling by a thread and Europe is facing bankruptcy due to climate insanity and WOKENESS; this, in the midst of rising antisemitism Worldwide.

Concerning the Christian,

Christian American, we are possibly witnessing the countdown to Armageddon; we are witnessing the coalescing of the Biblical alliance of Russia-China-Islam/Iran who will come against Jerusalem, Israel in a nuclear war which will trigger Messiah Jesus’ 2nd-Advent to Mt. Olivet prefacing Messiah’s Millennial Reign; therefore, as we see that Day approaching, as the “birth pangs” grow closer incrementally, continue to look-up as our redemption is drawing ever so near. It’s good to know Jesus as Messiah.

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