Sabbatarianism – a works cult…approach with caution and knowledge…

Sabbatarianism – a works cult of the SDA, Hebrew Roots fanaticism; therefore, Christian…runaway with haste…

The Sabbath Day was never given as an edict to anyone until Moses received it from Yahweh in Exodus 16 and at that juncture in Time, Yahweh was compelled to provide detailed instructions to Moses as to how this Sabbath edict would be observed, why? Because no prior precedent existed as the Sabbath was never an edict until it was given specifically to the Hebrew Tribes as a sign of sanctification (a setting apart) between Yahweh and Israel’s children and those who sojourned with Israel under Law. The Sabbath edict; in fact, the entire Sinai Commandments, were given solely to Israel and those who sojourned with Israel under Law. These Commandments were given Israel’s children to sanctify them, to negate their compromise with paganism that surrounded them and inundated their ranks.

Never has a Gentile, lest under the Law Covenant, been commanded to observe Israel’s Sabbath nor is a Messianic Jew or Israelite commanded to observe a Sabbath as Messiah Jesus is the fulfillment of all the Sabbath foreshadowed (Hebrews 4). Sabbatarianism, the SDA, Hebrew Roots fanaticism, is a works cult; therefore, runaway.

The Holy Spirit sanctified the First-Day at Pentecost for the Christian Church; enjoy your freedom in Jesus Christ to honor any day or every day as a Day unto our Lord for His glory (Acts 2; Colossians 2:16; Romans 14).

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